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Posted on 23 July, 2017 in BLOG

FTI Partners: River Pro Audio

At Falcon Technologies International we firmly believe in lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships. During the last decade we have managed to establish a number of such relationships, resulting in strategic market partnerships on the global scale.

One such partnership that has helped us to gain a significant market share in Europe is with UK-based company River Pro Audio.

River Pro Audio have always prided themselves on the quality, consistency and innovation of the products they stock and services they deliver. Naturally, championing a manufacturer who shares those ideals (and delivers on them!) was an easy decision to make.

As the official distributor for Falcon Media in Europe and the largest stockist, we have in partnership achieved a huge amount of conversions and, the bottom line, a huge amount of happy customers.

This partnership couldn’t have come at a better time; with Taiyo-Yuden bowing out of the optical industry, many European clients were in-between brands, with nowhere to turn to for high quality, reliable media. This push towards Falcon Media was a dramatic success and has secured their position in Europe as a high-end supplier of optical media.

As well as optical discs, River Pro Audio also manufactures and stocks a full range of casing. Well recognised in Europe under the ‘River’ range, these cases are made to the highest standards. Using nothing but virgin prime resin and high-end Japanese moulds, these cases are meticulously quality controlled to ensure they’re the best in the world.

By working in partnership with all major manufacturers of publishing equipment, as well as all employees being trained to an exceptionally high standard in their use and repair, River Pro Audio can also supply equipment and consumables at the lowest prices – as well as offering support and recommendations for your equipment and workflow.

It doesn’t stop here; River Pro Audio and their staff are constantly striving for improvement and will go above and beyond to assist your business or projects. For anything media related in Europe, whether that’s high quality Falcon Media, high quality casing and publishing consumables or equipment, they’re certainly the place to go.

For industry leading advice, or supply in Europe, feel free to contact your River Pro Audio Falcon representatives (Robert Butler-Ellis or Sampson Monger) on:

+44 208 311 7077