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MEDILINE is a specially-designed, medical-grade solution tailored for use by medical and healthcare professionals. Healthcare is an industry sector in which huge volumes of highly sensitive and important patient data is collected daily, and every healthcare and medical professional is aware of the importance of keeping safe, secure and accurate medical records which are then properly managed for many years to come.

MEDILINE comes in a choice of CD-R and DVD-R discs which are premium grade and represent cutting-edge data storage solutions for healthcare professionals, capable of archiving a patients’ entire medical history and avoiding the risk of data loss, which is especially important in today’s world with the rapid evolution of electronic medical records technology. MEDILINE discs are DICOM* compliant and compatible with PACS* imaging systems, making MEDILINE the first choice for this demanding sector.

*PACS - Picture Archiving and Communication System
*DICOM - Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine

FalconMedia Mediline discs are compliance with ROHS/REACH, ECMA 379 & 396 and DICOM.

Key Benefits:
• Full product traceability
• Lowest error rates in the market
• Packaging specifically designed for Healthcare
• Compatible with PACS image recording systems
• Excellent compatibility with most popular drives

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