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Century Archival is a cutting-edge technology, built with a Gold or Platinum layer to ensure maximum security, longevity and protection for stored data. Century Archival is capable of storing data safely for several hundred years, with the Century Archival DVD product having demonstrated in testing to be capable of storing data for over 100 years, whereas the Century Archival CD product has demonstrated a longevity in excess of 300 years, making the Century Archival Line the most durable and secure archival digital media. product available in the market today.

Century Archival is designed to address long-term archival needs for organizations such government organizations, financial institutions, and production houses can store, archive and retrieve mission critical information for operational needs and to meet regulatory & legal obligations so, it’s important that these records are archived correctly and stored on media that will preserve them indefinitely for future while saving storage space.

FalconMedia Archival Line discs are compliance with ROHS/REACH and DICOM.
With reference to the LNE benchmark report (Laboratoire National de métrologie et d’Essais - France) this product passed ISO/IEC 16963 (ECMA 396) Standard Test and Conditions.

Key Benefits:
• Gold layer disc & Archival grade
• High performance with low error rates
• Compatible with the most popular drives
• Packaging in black Cakebox for UV light protection and longer longevity

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