Investment in R&D and Technology

High quality R&D has historically been at the foundation of FTI since it’s inception in 2005, and the company has consistently invested in extensive and innovative product R&D, and in acquiring a world-class, in-house knowledge base at the forefront of the optical digital media technology landscape.

FTI continues to engage in cutting-edge R&D, internally and in collaboration with partners in both the academic research and commercial worlds. Areas where FTI’s R&D work has focused on include printable layer quality, archival storage capacity, material optimization, product durability and multiple drive compatibility.

FTI’s continuously implement R&D-based enhancements into our manufacturing processes to assure operational excellence and higher quality end products. FTI invest and re-invest a significant portion of company resources into R&D ensure our processes and products meet the highest industry and quality standards. FTI prioritize R&D and technology over cost, as we firmly believe that these functions are critical to ensure our products represent the best quality within the optical media industry.

Product Security and Longevity

The technology world is increasingly realizing that Optical Digital Media is a safer way to store data compared to cloud technology solutions - this is evidenced by multiple data breaches where personal photographs and other information has been hacked and distributed to the public, and by the fact that Facebook has publicly stated that they have chosen to store their data with Optical Digital Media rather than cloud.

Optical Digital Media gives full data security to the originator of data, rather than potentially to a 3rd party, which is the case with cloud storage technology. FTI leads the way with regard to Optical Digital Media security and memory technology, and is conducting potentially ground-breaking research in this field with academic partners.