Top-Class International Management Team

FTI has a highly experienced international management team, respected within the Optical Digital Media industry community and promoting a management ethos based on professionalism, flexibility, innovation and transparency.

FTI’s management team are passionate about Optical Digital Media, with over 40 years’ combined experience in the industry and having gained insights from some of the top companies and academic institutions related to Optical Digital Media.

The expertise of FTI’s management team enables all high-level strategic planning to work in harmony with the day-to-day manufacturing, production and quality control processes, creating a highly effective operation which results in practical implementation of “Excellence and Beyond” motto.

Easy to do business with – Flexible, Inclusive, Transparent

Flexibility is key to FTI’s success; our approach to customers is to listen to them and treat each customer on a personalized basis, create tailored solutions based on their individual needs and ultimately act as a part of their wider team rather than simply as a vendor or supplier.

FTI is 100% transparent in all our dealings with customers, promoting a culture of trust, ensuring that we are fully accountable to our customers, which enables them to achieve the maximum return on investment.

FTI treats customers – external and internal alike – ethically and with respect, making doing business with FTI an easy and pleasant experience.

Excellent Customer Service and Commitment to Care

FTI is fully dedicated to delivering top-class of customer service and satisfaction by listening to our customers and providing timely, responsive and high-quality services with integrity, simplicity and a passion for excellence, aiming always to exceed customer expectations.

FTI recognizes the role that every employee plays in the customer care and all staff are trained and encouraged to be professional, reliable, credible, responsive and friendly in their dealings with customers.

A vital component of FTI’s customer service is to provide expert advice and pro-active input on the Optical Digital Media industry on behalf of our customers, supporting their operations with the necessary information, tools and expertise to enable best-practice Optical Digital Media technology to contribute to their business success.