FTI logistic services are based on reliable and timely procedures that operate swiftly with competitive costs. Our first priority is delivering products consistently to our customers on schedule, in a rapid, complete and safe way. As in all other activities of the company, logistics is motivated by the desire to perceive and more than meet the customer’s needs and expectations.

At the time of expedition, the carrier receives all necessary paperwork, including shipping orders and commercial invoices. Whenever possible, packaging is optimized by using small units combined to form larger units, considering the generally recognized carrier’s dimension and weight limits.

FTI provides shipping to various destinations in Europe, the US and MEA and Japan regions. We are familiar with importation norms in foreign countries, shipping methods, export regulations and also foreign trade documents management. We guarantee international transport via air, land and sea, as well as booking, storage, customs declaration, inspection, insurance, transportation and other services.