FalconMedia Century Archival Line DVD-R Gold EP 8x 4.7GB integrates a double reflective/protective layer of both Gold and Silver. The Gold layer offers maximum resistance to environmental degradation, especially corrosion which is one of the major causes of discs failure in standard media while the Silver layer delivers high reflectivity and broad drive compatibility.
FalconMedia Century Archival Line DVD-R Gold EP has been tested in accelerated aging tests under severe high temperature and high humidity storage conditions based on ISO standards. The results confirm safe storage of data for more than 100 years.

FalconMedia Archival Line DVD-R Gold EP is compliance with ROHS/REACH and DICOM.
With reference to the LNE benchmark report (Laboratoire National de métrologie et d’Essais - France) this product passed ISO/IEC 16963 (ECMA 396) Standard Test and Conditions.

Print Surfaces Availability:
• Inkjet Smart White, Smart Guard
• Thermal White
• Other: Blank Shiny Silver lacquer and customized Silkscreen

Key Benefits:
• Guaranteed archival life span of 100 years
• Gold layer disc & Archival grade
• High performance with low error rates
• Compatible with the most popular drives
• Packaging in black Cakebox for UV light protection and longer longevity