DVD-R Platinum

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DVD-R Platinum

Archival Platinum DVD-R uses an innovative Platinum-Silver alloy that guarantees similar corrosion resistance as Gold-based archival media, but at a much lower cost. This corrosion resistance naturally makes Platinum DVDs robust against small pinholes or other defects in the DVD bonding resins. These initial defects can cause deterioration of the reflective layer, but using the Platinum – Silver Alloy assures resistance against deterioration of data stored in discs.

Archival Platinum DVD-R has been tested in accelerated aging tests under severe storage conditions, such as high temperature and high humidity. The results confirm a safe storage of information for more than 100 years.

Archival Platinum DVD-R features 8X speed and is ideal to ensure best recording performance. It is also available with Ultra Hard Coat UHC™, securing disc contents by providing 50 times more scratch protection when compared to conventional DVDs.

Archival Platinum DVD-R media is available with premium printable surfaces for Inkjet and Thermal printing, fully compatible with professional duplicators and printers.