DVD ± R Premium DL 2P

FalconMedia products offer the most reliable storage solution, designed and manufactured to match all professional user requirements.The product mix covers the needs of the professional and addresses the demanding applications in the fields of duplication, mastering and corporate.
FalconMedia DVD R±Premium DL 2P 8.5GB manufactured by FTI and branded exclusively under FalconMedia, continues to set the standard for high speed disc performance, reliability, and compatibility. FalconMedia DVD±R Premium DL 2P features tighter specifications than the standards given by the relevant standardization bodies.
FalconMedia DVD±R Premium DL delivers expanded 8.5GB of storage capacity, supporting high speed recording at 8x, which allows the user to record massive amounts of data in just a few minutes, while maintaining
compatibility with most DVD video players and DVD ROM drives. FalconMedia DVD±R Premium DL 2P comes with a wide sputtered surface. It is available in a variety of professional printable surfaces and packaging
FalconMedia - offers one of the best rated recordable DVD dual layer in the market, ensuring better compatibility with writers and recorders. This results in higher recording quality, thus ensuring a longer archival lifetime and better readability.